Mary Morris, Executive Director, OEANS Society

  • Providing updates on OEA NS Society for 2019


McInnes Cooper Labour and Employment Group

  • Brad Proctor, Alex Warshick, Melissa Pike, Sarah McInnes and Michael Murphy from McInnes Cooeper will be presenting on various prominent issues affecting workplaces including: Workplace Violence, The Intersections of Criminal and Employment Laws, Workplace Investigations, and When does HR Practice Cross the Line into Legal Advice.


Peter Gove, MSW, RSW, Green Shield

Innovation Consultant, Health Management

Green Shield Canada (GSC)

  • Peter is a consultant and works with GSC on initiatives under GSC’s Change4Life® banner. Change4Life is aimed at supporting Canadians to better manage their health. The initiative utilizes advanced analytics to proactively identify plan participants who are at risk of developing, or who have developed a chronic disease and to reach out to them with focused programs.
  • Peter has 25 years of experience in the group insurance industry
  • Peter has a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) and is a Registered Social Worker (RSW) in Ontario
  • Join Peter at OEA NS 11th Employer Conference as he explores the topic of The Medicalization of Unhappiness
  • The Medicalization of Unhappiness: This dynamic session will look at the changing medical and social landscape that has led to the proliferation of mental health diagnoses and the widespread prescribing of anti-depressants. Have normal, expected bouts of sadness become “medicalized” and are we in turn medicating large portions of the population unnecessarily? Are employer trends and research providing the same insights? This session will examine how the environment has changed over the last few decades, and plan sponsor options and care strategies that support employees appropriately while managing costs.


Katie Roebothan, MBA, LLB, OEA NS Society

  • Katie Roebothan is a lawyer and Employer Advisor with OEA NS Society.
  • Her presentation will focus on The Changing Nature of “Accident”: Suicide as a Workplace Accident


Wade Hynes & Dennita Fitzpatrick, Worker's Compensation Board

  • Presenting on Workers' Compensation Performance Outcomes


Courtney Donovan & William Chase, Labour & Advanced Education - Occupational Health & Safety

  • Presenting on Workplace Fatalities

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