Fee Services Training:

These programs explore topics that fall under employment and Human Resources management. They provide employers with knowledge and expertise to tackle issues they can encounter in their workplace. New sessions are developed each year and we cover topics that are directly relevant to upcoming new legislation and current employment issues. Visit our events calendar to view the current schedule of upcoming training sessions. 

Below is a list of Fee Services Training Topics we offer. OEA NS also works with employers to tailor training programs specifically to their needs and workplace. Visit our Customized Training page to learn more.

OEA NS Fee Services Training Previosuly Offered:

Disability Case Management
A full-day course that provides practical and useful information to assist in implementing disability case management in the workplace and to do it more confidently and expertly. All aspects of disability case management, best practices and alignment with legislative requirements are reviewed and discussed. Numerous examples and specific cases reviewed. The roles and responsibilities of all workplace parties are discussed and how to address specific issues of non-compliance are covered.

Course Fee: $299.00/day + HST

Substance Use in the Workplace Policy Development Session

This four hour training course will help employers identify what policies, supporting documentation and practices your business needs to help you prepare and address cannabis and impairment in the workplace and ensure workplace safety, develop written policies to meet those needs, and implement workplace processes such as training, documentation and more!

Course Fee: $175 + HST

Navigating Nova Scotia Employment + Labour Standards

This three and half hour course provides participants with a broad overview and review to assist navigation with provincial occupational health and safety, worker's compensation and the intersections of other employment legislation that needs consideration. Related subjects of Duty to Accommodate, return to work planning are covered. Please also see programs offered: “Navigating Workers' Compensation” and “Navigating Occupational Health and Safety”. This program can be offered for workplace groups at the employer's workplace as well. Call for details or to schedule.

Course Fee: $50 + HST

Termination of Employment: From Pink Slips to Handshakes

This two hour training session will guide employers through the complexities of terminating an employment contract and the appropriate processes in different situations. Whether your organization is Union vs. Non-Union, Federal vs. Provincial, Large vs. Small, this course explains it all!

Course Fee: $100 + HST

Employing the Transgender(ed) Worker

This 3-hour training course will help employers better define and understand “transgender”, what gender identity and expression is as well as considerations for hiring a Transgender worker, including Human Rights considerations. It will also explore how to create a supportive workplace and what supportive language looks like among other things. 

Course Fee: $120 + HST

Employing a Worker with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This 3-hour training course will explore the history of PTSD and the emerging awareness of PTSD in the workplace. It will also help employers to understand what is PTSD and what the syptoms of it in the workplace could look like. The course will then delve into situations and solutions for a workplace and how to build up resiliency in the workforce.

Course Fee: $120 + HST

Letter and Submission Writing for Employers

This full day course provides participants with a solid understanding of writing for the intended audience using collected and file evidence, application of legislation, workplace principles and practices and the literature. A review of some WCB policies and their importance in letter and submission writing is discussed. Although focussed around case management and discipline matters, this course has wide application for hiring, job transfers, performance related issues and general health and disability issues.

Course Fee: $299.00 +HST

Managing Mental Health Disability and Return to Work

This two hour course will provide practical advice and critical insight into mental health issues in the workplace and return to work challenges. How to support appropriate accommodation strategies, the fundamentals of mental health disability management and accessing relevant information from the treating physician or psychologist are reviewed and explored.

Course Fee: $80.00 +HST

Brand New Sessions (DETAILS COMING SOON!):

Substance Use in the Workplace Training for Management/ Supervisory Staff

Substance Use in the Workplace Training for Workers 

Other Sessions Offered: 

Appropriate Implementation of Discipline of Workers During an Open WCB Claim or OHS Complaint
This four hour course will identify and guide you in the disciplinary processes, while taking into consideration rights and obligations under workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety to ensure that any application of discipline is done appropriately, fairly and in alignment with the legislation.

Duty to Accommodate – Application in the Workplace

JOHSC Training for Managers

Investigation and Interview Techniques

Fee Services Training presented by Guest Speakers:

Beyond Performance Management: Building a Performance Development Program that Works

Course Fee: $175.00 +HST

Understanding and Assessing Job Demands Analysis and Application in the workplace
This three and a half hour course will take an in-depth review of the inter-relationship between JDA’s (Job Demands Assessments), functional assessments, physiotherapy and medical reports, wording used in these different types of reports and the many applications of JDA’s in employment and case management. Suggestions for improving your JDA’s and how to hire the right practitioner to create one for your workplace are all discussed.

This program is taught in partnership with Cornerstone Occupational Therapy Consultants.
Course Fee: $175

If you are interested in scheduling a training session or have any questions about what the Employer Advisors can offer, please contact Nick Cunningham

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