Our Mandate

The OEA NS Society provides leadership and expertise to employers and business associations dealing with the complexities of the Nova Scotia Workplace Safety and Insurance System (WSIS) and other employment matters

The Society’s mission is ‘navigating employers in the right direction’. Its vision is ‘contributing to a successful Nova Scotia business community with expertise, advice, support and resources.’ OEA’s customers are all Nova Scotia employers/businesses and professional employer associations, regardless of registration with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB).


The Office of the Employer Advisor, Nova Scotia was created in 2008 as a pilot project. The Office was directed by an Employers Council and funded through a contract with WSIS administered by the WCB.

In January 2010, The Office of the Employer Advisor Nova Scotia Society was registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. The Society Board was created from members of the Employers Council.

Following an extensive review by WSIS, the pilot project was provided permanent status with a four year funding agreement and oversight to be provided by the WCB Board of Directors. The new funding agreement was effective January 2012 – December 2016.

In 2016 the OEA NS Society and WCB (for WSIS) negotiated a new contract to be effective January 1, 2017.  This new contract provided funding for issues and training related to navigation of Workers’ Compensation, Occupational Health and Safety and intersecting employment issues.  Advocacy was described in the new contract as the activity of being  a  “conduit”.

Other employment navigation, training and advocacy now reside under the “Society” on a fee for service basis.  To ensure transparency and comply with reporting requirements the OEA NS Society split reporting, accounting etc. into two business areas: 1) the “Society” and 2) the “Program”.

Accountability Relationships

The OEA NS Society is accountable to the employers of Nova Scotia.  Under the Society, the “Program” functions and activities are focused on the WSIS system and stakeholders.   The Society believes in being open and accountable.

The Society is registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia which provides the overall governance framework. The Society’s Bylaws are reviewed regularly. Directors are appointed from the members of the Society as defined in the Bylaws.

Mission, Vision & Values

OEA NS Society Mission:

OEA’s mission is to navigate employers in the right direction in order to achieve:

  • Empowered Employers
  • Enhanced Employer Participation in the System
  • Effective Claims Management and Decision Making
  • Education of Employers
  • Evidence Based Programs and Services
  • Employer and System Advocacy

OEA NS Society Vision

OEA’s vision is to contribute to business success for the Nova Scotia business community with expertise, advice, support, and resources that promote a safe and healthy workplace.

OEA NS Society Values – We Value:

Our Core Values outline our commitment to conduct our affairs in an ethical manner- both internally and externally, guiding our decision making and interactions. 

We Value:

Self-Management of OEA NS Society: OEA NS Society will sustain a Governance Model, that supports and advances the mission of the Society, including Education – Support – Expertise – Communication – Advocacy, which in total produces sustainable and measurable system change and supports employers to create and maintain better workplaces in this province.

Healthy, Safe and Engaged Workplaces in Nova Scotia: OEA NS Society delivers its mandate to assist and contribute to business success.

Change: OEA NS Society strives for necessary and effective system change to benefit Nova Scotia employers in a positive and direct way. We value the change that can occur when programs and services which meet employer’s needs, are accessible, represent good value and expert quality.

Accountability: OEA NS Society works to provide effective, efficient governance, program and system assessment, communication and accountability to employers, partners, business associations and funding agencies.

Transparency: OEA NS Society gathers and maintains data within the framework of modern privacy practices, respecting access and delivery of services. We believe in keeping employers and employer associations informed on current issues and promoting open discussion.

Collaboration: OEA NS Society works with external agencies and departments. We recognize the value of combining strengths and perspectives to attain desired OEA NS outcomes.

Client Focused Approach: OEA NS Society considers all client outcomes and impacts when building and delivering programs and services.

Outcome Driven Approach: In the allocation of resources, OEA NS Society seeks to deliver results for clients, partners and funding agencies. Our outcomes support the Mandate, Mission, Vision and Values of the OEA NS Society.

Diversity: OEA NS Society promotes a working environment that is inclusive and accepting, ensuring each staff member and client is treated fairly and equally.  OEA NS Society commits to service a diverse range of organizations from all sectors, sizes and regions of the province- making certain each client receives the same quality of attention and effort from OEA NS Society.

Integrity: OEA NS Society vitalizes working together with honesty between staff members and clients.  OEA NS Society values strong moral principles in all aspects of business and day-to-day interactions.

Respect: OEA NS Society believes in a high standard of respect, respecting the dignity and value of each staff member, and respecting individual opinions.  OEA NS Society commits to respecting and building sustainable working relationships with all stakeholders, including clients and partners.

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