Nova Scotia Business Re-Opens

Posted on: May 28 2020

Premier MacNeil made three announcements on May 27, 2020 related to the business reopening plan for Nova Scotia, a small business grant to assist small business restart and a stimulus package to restart the economy.

Effective June 5, most businesses required to close under the public health order can reopen. Businesses must follow protocols in the plan that is tailored to their sector. This includes following public health protocols to ensure physical distancing, increased cleaning and other protective measures for staff and customers.

  • The following can open if they are ready and choose to do so:
  • restaurants for dine-in, as well as takeout and delivery
  • bars, wineries, distilleries and taprooms
  • lounges are not permitted to reopen at this time
  • personal services, such as hair salons, barber shops, spas, nail salons and body art establishments
  • fitness facilities, such as gyms, yoga studios and climbing facilities
  • veterinarians

Other health providers can also reopen on June 5, provided they follow protocols in their colleges’ and associations’ plans, as approved by public health. These include:

  • dentistry and other self-regulated health professions such as optometry, chiropractic and physiotherapy
  • unregulated health professions such as massage therapy, podiatry and naturopathy
  • More resources and helpful information for reopening is available at:  

Further, the government announced a new $25-million Small Business Reopening and Support Grant program for certain businesses, non-profits, charities and social enterprises.  The program is expected to begin June 1, 2020.

Finally, the government announced $230-million in stimulus spending for the province.

Up to 2,000 local jobs will be created as Nova Scotians get back to work on more than 200 infrastructure projects across the province. The province is investing up to $230 million to improve infrastructure and help get the economy moving again.

Premier Stephen McNeil announced today, May 27, stimulus spending directed toward shovel-ready projects, including investments in roads, bridges, school repairs and museum, courthouse and hospital renovations.

“As the private sector turns to reopening their businesses, the province has a role to play in getting people back to work,” said Premier McNeil. “It’s time to address the economic impacts of COVID-19 and plan for recovery. These investments will support the economy and create thousands of jobs across Nova Scotia.”

The provincial stimulus investments come in addition to the record $1 billion capital plan announced earlier this year.

COVID-19 prevention plan:

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