OEA NS Society is Accepting Expressions of Interest for Board of Directors

Posted on: March 16 2020

Interested in being a part of our Board? OEA NS Society Board of Directors is looking for new Directors to fill 2 vacancies. 

The OEA NS Society Board of Directors is an industry sector voluntary Board, meeting approximately 6-8 times per year.  OEA NS Society provides leadership & expertise in the disciplines of Workers' Compensation, Occupational Health & Safety, Disability Case Management, Workplace Practices and Associated Employment issues. We have a key role in Education and Advocacy for Employers. 
Our Board of Directors are beginning implementation of the Society's new strategic plan which will see further changes and advancements to continue to meet Employer needs. 

Are you interested in taking part in our Board? 
If so, please send a cover letter outlining your Board experience and industry competencies with your resume to:

OEA NS Society - Expression of Interest - BOD
Suite 14, 36 Brookshire Court, Bedford, Nova Scotia B4A 4E9
or email to: info@oeans.ca

Anyone interested may apply for a Board position with OEA NS by submitting a cover letter and resume detailing their experience on not for profit Board of Directors, experience on Governance Boards, their understanding and experience with WCB/OHS/Labour and Employment practice areas, reading financial reports and providing financial guidance and direction, policy direction for governance, strategic planning and budgeting, etc.

The OEA NS Board is a Governance Board which means they only address the governance functions/issues of OEA and are not involved in the day to day decisions of staff or file matters. 

Submitted expressions of interest are considered by the OEA NS Board of Directors against a capacities matrix and those invited to join the OEA NS Board are then contacted to meet with the Board.

The new term for Directors begins in April 2020 - March 2022. 
If you have further questions or need more information please contact info@oeans.ca.


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