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The Employer Advisor Nova Scotia Society provides leadership & expertise in the disciplines of Workers' Compensation, Occupational Health & Safety, Disability Case Management, Workplace Practices and Associated Employment issues.



Benefits to Employers and Business Associations

How to Access Services

We are here to help Employers Navigate. Employers can access our programs and services in the following ways.

Employers can call us today with any questions they have or assitance they may need. 

Call us: 902-401-8490
Email us: info@oeans.ca
Fill out our online form

Or schedule a time with us to stop in for a visit:

Suite 14, 36 Brookshire Court
Bedford, Nova Scotia

If you have a question, inquiry, would like to book training or schedule an appointment with our Employer Advisors, call us.  We can decide together what will appropriately fit your business needs.

Our Employer Advisors are happy to visit your work site. If there are a number of people in your organization for us to meet with, a business location site visit can be helpful. Our OEA Advisors travel throughout the province. Where overnight travel is required by the OEA Advisor, the Employer is invoiced directly for those travel expenses.

To seek assistance with an individual file please call our general office number at 902-401-8490. You will be assisted through our intake process and an OEA Advisor will call you by the next business day. We will initially attempt to answer your immediate questions; however, if longer or more complex support is required, your file is assigned to an Employer Advisor.

If we believe the file support you require is outside our scope or that you would benefit from legal advice we will advise you.

We offer general group and customized training for employers on a cost recovery basis. Most of our training sessions are held at our office in Bedford, NS.

We also host an Annual 2-Day Employer Conference.

Customized Training can be developed by OEA and arranged at an Employer's worksite or for a Business Association. Some costs do apply. Click here to find out more.

OEA welcomes the opportunity to consult with employers and business groups around the province every year. We use the feedback to advocate for system change and improvements. If there is an issue you believe we should be looking at, let us know. Call us! - 902-401-8490

OEA NS Society is a non-profit with expertise and experience in all areas of labour and employment including; Workers’ Compensation Internal Appeals, Workers' Compensation Appeals Tribunal matters, Labour Standards complaints and Human Rights.

To learn more, please call 902-401-8490.


The Employer Advisor Nova Scotia Society is also on Social Media! 

We have a Twitter and Facebook page and invite all employers to take a look, Like, Comment, Tweet at us or about us, Hashtag (#OEANS) and be sure to share with other employers as well. 

Twitter: @OEANS
Facebook: Office of the Employer Advisor

We post regular tips, advice, and updates on upcoming training and other information employers need to know or be aware of.

We offer two categories of training to meet employer's needs; Program and Fee Services.

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